About Us

KC Procurement Services (KCPS) is a Kansas City based procurement and inventory consulting firm focused on providing cost reduction, purchasing assistance, inventory right-sizing/reduction, and analysis services.  Many of our services can essentially be at no cost to you.  How is this possible?  Contact us to find out how.

With nearly 20 years of success in performing these activities as an employee for several companies in the KC area, KCPS will bring real experience and know how to small to medium sized companies that don't have the time, know-how or staff to find these improvements on their own. Most companies today don't have the number of employees they once had because of rising expenses or lower margins to remain competitive, therefore they may lack the resources that KCPS can offer.  KC Procurement Services aims to add profits to your bottom line at little to no cost to you depending on the business we end up choosing to do together.

There are large corporations that perform these types of cost reduction services, but they typically only serve other large corporations.  These corporations generally have someone sitting in an office making decisions for the plant level to use a company, product or service that isn't always in their best interest.  We've seen this first hand and pledge not to do that to your company.

Ronald "Alex" Wright

Alex has been in the manufacturing industry for nearly 20 years in purchasing, inventory, and transportation management positions.  In each capacity held, he led by himself or with a team, improvement measures that positively affected the business in costs, quality and efficiencies.

Below are a few examples: