Our Services

Procurement ManagementAt KC Procurement Services, we offer a variety of services geared toward achieving one goal, saving your company money. While we know you have options when it comes to the services we offer, KCPS is focused on providing corporate level services to small businesses at small business prices in Kansas City. Contact us today to see how we can help lower your costs and improve your bottom line.

Reducing Costs

KC Procurement Services will find cost reductions on parts and supplies involved in the making of your product or service.  For example:  parts, tools, outsourced processes, and supplies.  This could mean negotiating with your current supplier, looking at alternate suppliers for the exact same item or possibly considering an alternate brand if approved by you and/or your team.

KCPS can also find cost reductions in services related to the operations of your business.  For example:  inspection services, uniforms, cleaning services, HVAC, and other contractors.  This could mean negotiating with your current supplier or looking at an alternate if approved by you and/or your team.

On-Demand Services

Purchasing assistance or guidance as needed by you.  This is a great option for when you get short-handed, have someone on vacation or out of the office for any reason.

Purchasing Consultations

Assistance with contracts.  KCPS can write, review and help you execute purchase contracts for one-time scenario's or long-term buys.


Negotiating/procuring one-time or long-term buys.  KC Procurement Services can help you get the best deal for you.

Review and negotiate payment terms.  All suppliers would love to have their money immediately but most will offer longer terms or discounts if paid by in a certain amount of time.  KCPS can help you improve your cash flow. You'd be surprised how many vendors can extend terms or offer early pay options.

Purchasing Evaluations & Audits

Write, review, and audit procedures for purchasing and inventory activities. Do you have procedures in place if someone is out of the office or suddenly leaves your organization? Getting procedures in place will help you manage those moments 10x better.

Write, review, and audit risk mitigation.  Many companies don't realize how important it is to make sure you are covered when you have a vendor or contractor working on your site.  Do they have the proper insurance?  Are you indemnified if they get hurt by their own actions?  Is your intellectual property covered by confidentiality agreements?

Inventory Analysis

Free Consultation

Analyze inventory levels, slow-moving inventories to obsolete inventories including setting up plans for right-sizing levels including direct and indirect results and the value associated with turnover rates.  Have you ever considered consignment inventory?  It can be a great benefit to your books and carrying costs. We can assist with forecasting as well depending on how what data you have in sales forecasts and histories.

Not having enough of the right inventory can cost you sales. Too much or carrying unnecessary items costs you right to your bottom line.

General Consultations

Need just a gut-check on your operations?  For a low rate we can review your facility and processes and advise where improvements may be able to be made and likely offer solutions to help you improve.